Longest Underwater Cave

Longest Underwater Cave

Did you know that last moth they discovered the world’s longest underwater cave? And guess what? It is in Mexico!

It is located near the city of Tulum, on the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan (gorgeous place by the way). It connects 2 caves previously discovered, and it is 215 miles long. The cave supports a lot of the local biodiversity and most amazingly, it holds evidence of America’s first settlers, the Mayans. 

But why is it so long? Well… this is because they found out that the cave system of Sac Actun connects with two cave systems: Koal Baal System and Dos Ojos. According to caving, when two cave systems are connected, the largest cave absorbs the smallest and the name of the latter disappears. So now Sac Actun has absorbed the latter making it the longest in the world! 

According to some surveys, there are around 358 underwater caves in Quintana Roo which is an equivalent of 870 miles of fresh water passages. Now, archeologists and specialised divers are hoping to find how Sac Actun connects to more underwater cave systems. How amazing is this!

If you are planning to go to Cancun any time soon, make sure to make a stop in Tulum and check this cave out! 

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