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Hi, I’m Dani and I’m originally from Mexico- more specifically from a place in the state of Oaxaca called Juchitán. Even though I have lived in Mexico City almost all my life (up until 2012, when I moved to London), I have my Zapotec culture ingrained in my heart and soul. This is why I have chosen to call my store 'Sicarú', which means 'beautiful' in Zapoteco dialect. 

It is my love for Mexico, its culture, and people, that I have decided to give this side of the world a little taste of it by selling Mexican folk art. 

In Mexico, folk art is known as “Artesanías”. These items are not only decorative- most of the time they have a purpose in everyday live. They are typically crafted by indigenous people with no formal artistic training using traditional methods that have been passed through generations. It is very important to say that these items are handmade, so each one of them is different and unique. Every region in Mexico specialises in certain types of artesanías. Oaxaca has the most extraordinary and diverse of them all as it has around 16 indigenous groups!

Apart from this amazing fact, the diversity in Mexican artesanías comes from the great variety of raw materials that are available in the country. These include hundreds of types of clay, wood, metals, vegetables fibres, stones and natural dyes! These two facts make artesanías easily identifiable with a region and ethnic group.

Artesanías are an essential part of the identity of the indigenous groups of Mexico, and therefore essential for Mexico’s identity.

Mexican artisans are part of a community where people try their best to keep their traditions alive, and they normally craft their items in their spare time! 

As a Mexican, I’m really proud that after all these years, our crafting techniques and artesanías have endured until today! 

I hope you enjoy what we have in our store and if there's something you really want to buy but it's not here, let me know and I will do my best to get it for you!

Dani :)

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